We Believe…We Believe…
There is Magic In
The Little Moments.
Love Is Messy.
Life Is Best When
It’s Perfectly
We Exist…We Exist…
To Help Craft
Family Memories
That Matter.
We Will Not Rest Until…We Will Not Rest Until…
There Are Simple
Moments Of Magic
For All Of Us.

Our Core Values: They live at the heart of our organization and define who we are as an employer, an associate, a business partner and a member of our community.

Our History: Creating Family Memories For +60 Years.


Our Proud Leadership Team

Patsy Fox photo

Patsy Fox

Carolyn Resar photo

Carolyn Resar

President, Brand Castle/CLE Facility
Liz Suchy photo

Liz Suchy

VP, Corporate Development & New Business Expansion
Hannah Baderschneider photo

Hannah Baderschneider

VP Safety, RAQA, R&D
Brian Gormley photo

Brian Gormley

Jared Konstanty photo

Jared Konstanty

Donna Cress photo

Donna Cress

Lindsey Fields photo

Lindsey Fields

Chief of Staff
Tad Godsil photo

Tad Godsil

Chief Financial Officer

Our Signature Brands Family