Product FAQs

How many carbohydrates are in a tube of decorating gel?

Our traditional decorating gels in the 0.67 oz tube contains 12 grams of carbohydrates.

For additional information please contact our Consumer Affairs representative for questions regarding nutritional information at 1.877.726.8793 Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST, or email us here.

Can I decorate my treats with anything prior to baking?

Yes. Cake Mate and Betty Crocker decors may be used to decorate your treat prior to baking. Gels may be used on cookie dough prior to baking.

Can the Betty Crocker or Cake Mate decorating tips be used on the Canned Icing?

No. The Betty Crocker Easy Flow Icing can only be used with the decorating tips included when you purchase the product. This is due to the difference in orifice size of a can vs. a tube or pouch.

What colors can be achieved by using the Betty Crocker Gel Food Colors?

The Betty Crocker Gel Food Colors come in blue, green, yellow, and red. If you want to customize your dessert, the following colors can be achieved using our color blending chart. To achieve color intensity, continue to add a small amount of gel food color until desired shade is reached. For accurate color measurement, gently squeeze food color on spoon, knife or other mixing utensil.

Will the decorating gels ever harden?

Decorating gels are intended to be used on baked goods and will stay soft after use. They will firm up but not harden. For a product that will harden and allow you to stack consider Cookie Icing or Writing Icing.

What is the shelf life of products made by Signature Brands, LLC?

The shelf life varies among our dessert decorating items. For more information regarding the shelf life of our products we encourage you to contact our Consumer Relations department Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm CT at 1.877.726.8793 or email us here.

How do I read the code dates to tell the age of a Signature Brands, LLC product?

Code dates used at Signature Brands, LLC are alphanumeric and reflect the day on which it was manufactured. The code date will begin with a letter, followed by three numerals and an optional letter.

Beginning letter -
A - January
B - February
C - March
D - April
E - May
F - June
G - July
H - August
J - September
K - October
L - November
M - December
*note, letter "I" is not used


Next number - designates year 8 = 2018
9 = 2019
0 = 2020


Next two numbers - designate day of month

What products are gluten free? Nut free?

We recommend that you always read your labels as products do change and new products are introduced into our product line. When reading our labels, you can feel confident that all contained ingredients are listed on the ingredients label and we label “May contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk & wheat” on any of our products that are processed on shared equipment.


To inquire about the allergenic status of a specific product, please contact our Consumer Affairs department Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST at 1.877.726.8793 or email here.

What products manufactured by Signature Brands, LLC are kosher?

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations has approved the following list as kosher products:

  • Decorating Gels
  • Decorating Icings
  • Décors (sugars, sprinkles, sequins, nonpareils)
  • Canned Icings
  • Gel Food Colors
  • All Parlor Perfect Ice Cream Toppings

The (U) symbol located on the front of Cake Mate and Betty Crocker packages indicates that it is an approved kosher item.

What is the nutritional value of your products?

The nutritional value varies among our dessert decorating items. Please see the nutritional panel on the back of the package for exact values. You can also contact our Consumer Affairs representative for additional questions at 1-877-726-8793 Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST or email us here.